Get Together

4:00 – 6:00 p.m.  on Sunday August 26, 2018

ICE – International Congresses and Entrainment, Kraków Congress Centre (Foyer level 0)


Gala Dinner in the Niepołomice Royal Castle

on Thursday August 30, 2018 (hours 18:00 – 23:00)


Ticket is needed to attend this event (see registration section) .


Dress code: casual


The Niepołomice Castle was built by order of King Casimir III the Great (ruled from 1333 to 1370) on the slope of the Vistula valley, to serve as a retreat during the hunting expeditions to the nearby Niepołomice Wilderness. The castle consisted of three towers, buildings in the southern and eastern wing, and curtain walls around the courtyard. King Sigismund I the Old rebuilt the structure, giving it the form of a quadrangle with an internal courtyard. Queen Bona Sforza’s gardens were located on the southern flank.

In 1550 the great fire destroyed the east and north wings. The reconstruction works were conducted in 1551-1568. The biggest change was when they rebuilt the gallery in an Early Baroque style, between 1635 and 1637.

Troops of the Swedish king Charles X Gustav robbed and destroyed the castle during the Swedish-Brandenburgian invasion in 1655, what brought an end to the magnificence of the place. In the 18th century it was acquired by King Augustus II the Strong and Augustus III.

The reconstruction of the former royal residence began in 1991, when it became the property of Niepołomice Municipality. The facility is managed by the Foundation of the Royal Castle in Niepołomice.



Concert in St. Mary`s Basilica


The meeting with the Mayor of Kraków will be followed by a concert in St. Mary`s Basilica on the Main Market Square. We plan to walk from the City Hall to the Basilica. The distance to walk is about 500 meters, in case you need our help or guidance please contact the organizers.


One complimentary ticket is included with each registration. Guest tickets may be purchased at the registration desk.