Advances in Environmental Forensics

An Analytical Update for Dioxins and Related Halogenated Compounds

Biodetection Methods for POPs and Related Food and Environmental Contaminants

Biomonitoring and Levels I An Update

Biomonitoring and Levels II Environmental Obesogens

Contaminated Sites – Cases, Remediation, Risk and Management

Dioxin 2018 Kraków Pre-Symposium Student Session

Ecotoxicology and Environmental Toxicology of POPs

Emission Control and Cleanup

Endocrine Disruption I Biochemical and Molecular Mechanisms

Endocrine Disruption II Tyroidogenicity, Exposure and Health

Endocrine Disruption III Multi-models, Mixtures, and Translation

Environmental Metabolomics and Effect Directed Analysis

Environmentally Persistent Free Radicals

Exposure – Food Chain, Maternal, Indoor, Occupational and Accidental

Exposure – POPs in Pets and their applicability as Models for Human Health

Fate and Behavior of Volatile Methylsiloxanes in the Environment

Halogenated PAHs and PAHs

Legacy and Emerging Flame Retardants I

Legacy and Emerging Flame Retardants II

Mechanisms of Formation and Destruction

Non-target Screening – Multimedia Analysis

Organometallic Contaminants

Persistent Pesticides and Biocides

Polychlorinated Naphthalenes and Chlorinated Paraffins

POPs and Emerging Contaminants in Urban Environment – Dioxin 2018 Session

POPs in Polar, Circumpolar and Alpine Regions

QAQC of POPs Analysis Part A – Recent ISO and National Standards

Risk Assessment and Risk Management

Sampling and Preparation

Patronage of The Mayor of the City of Cracow

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